#3 Durval Arantes on the Solitude of Black Women, Brazil’s Black Facebook

Durval Arantes
If America has Black Twitter, then Brazil has Black Facebook. Most clever memes and hashtags in Brazil start on Facebook. No one knows Brazil’s Black Facebook better than Durval Arantes. He created the one the most popular facebook groups for blacks in Brazil—Intelectualdade Afro-Brasileira or Afro-Brazilian intellectual in English. To stay on top of the latest black issues and trends in Brazil, I religiously read the posts in this Facebook group. Durval Arantes runs 17 Facebook groups related to Afro-Brazilian people in culture (all in Portuguese.)
Although it seems like most of his time is spent on Facebook, he does do other things! He works as an English teacher at an American school and is also the author of a book, O Ultimo Negro.

Below are some of the topics that we talk about in the Podcast:

Why the most talked about issue on the Facebook group is the Solitude of Black Women.
“The problem is that Black women in Brazil are neglected, rejected and put aside by black men in Brazil.”
Why Afro-Brazilians are not raising Black Families.
Why Durval wrote a book called O Último Negro.
O Ultimo Negro

Durval Arantes’ Biography

Durval Arantes is an Afro Brazilian author who was born in Volta Redonda, in 1962, in Rio de Janeiro and he is a former foreign service national for the US Consulate in Sao Paulo. Currently he is an English teacher at a multinational American language teaching since 1996. Known as a black oriented cultural entrepreneur, he is also an  independent researcher and scholar of both pan-african and African Diaspora affairs.

His black oriented rhetoric is known and respected among black trendsetters and leaders along the Sao Paulo-Rio connection due to his varied actions amid cultural, entrepreneurial and educational settings in  black communities from Brazil and the United States. He is the creator, organizer and  administrator of several reputable black oriented Facebook groups dealing with ethnic, black and pan-African affairs.

He recently launched the acclaimed book “O Último Negro (The Last Black Man)”, which became a literaty hit among both black and non-black literary audiences.

All of the Facebook Groups he created!

01 – Intelectualidade:
02 – Fraternidade Imhotep (a black male oriented group):
03 – Recursos Humanos Afrobrasileiros:
04 – Literatura da Diáspora Africana:
05 – Afrobrasileiros & Afroamericanos:
06 – Empreendedorismo Afrobrasileiro:
07 – Afrodescendentes de São Paulo:
08 – Afrodescendentes do Rio de Janeiro:
09 – Afrodescendentes de Minas Gerais:
10 – Afrodescendentes da Bahia:
11- Turismo Afrobrasileiro:
12 – Educação Adfrodescendente:
13 – Eventos Afrobrasileiros:
14 – SPA – Saúde da População Afrodescendente:
15 – História da Musica Negra:
16 – Esportistas Afrodescendentes:
17 – Beleza Afrobrasileira:


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