How to Enjoy a Safe New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro


New Year's Eve Fireworks in Copacabana

It’s December 30 and many people are in Rio de Janeiro for the most famous NYE bash in the world. By now you should have a least half a plan of how you are going to spend the day/night. Hotel? Party? Most people will just join a million other people on Copacabana beach to enjoy a free music show and fireworks.

But us expats here in Rio de Janeiro want you to be safe. Longtime Rio de Janeiro expat Marilyn Sheryl Theozen also wants you be safe. So she compiled a list of tips for gringos in Rio de Janeiro for New Year’s Eve. Theozen is originally from Durban, South Africa, but she has lived in Rio de Janeiro on and off for the last four years. She also just published her first book, The Female Sex Tourist (and no she is not a female sex tourist).

Marilyn Sheryl Theozen just published her first novel, The Female Sex Tourist
Marilyn Sheryl Theozen just published her first novel, The Female Sex Tourist


The safest way to enjoy New Year's Eve this year is by wearing ALL WHITE!
The safest way to enjoy New Year’s Eve this year is by wearing ALL WHITE! Marilyn is in the center.

Please spread this free advice to all gringoes who are new in Rio wanting to party on New Years eve. The main rules are:

  1. Wear full white. Preferably shorts as its very hot and if it rains your white long pants and dresses will be messed in mud. They target foreigners “not in full white” first with robberies as all the locals know the rule. So anyone not in white is assumed foreign, and they quickly and secretly rob these people as a priority. No blue jeans. No denim. ALL WHITE!!
  2. Do not over drink. It will be your downfall. Too often drunk gringoes are in compromising situations on the beach over this time and it ruins the fun for us who run to help!
  3.  Be careful of pre-mixed drinks on the streets. Buy Caipirinhas where they make it in front of you.
  4. Do not take your passport with you. Make a photocopy.
  5. Leave your big jewelry, loads of reais and fancy bags and purses in your rooms/homes.
  6. Only take enough money for drinks/eats. Even better take your drinks/eats with you.
  7. Guys if you see women that are “way out of your league”..(you know you will never get this beauty back home)…chances are she is!! Lots of beautiful women operate as “bait” working with robbers over this time for drunk horny gringoes so be careful.

This message was brought to you free of charge by a gringa who cares for all the naive gringos.

Thank you Marilyn!

New Year's Eve on Copacabana in 2013
Get ready to join the masses on Copacabana beach.

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