Gloria Maria thinks racism in Brazil is bad

Do you know who is Glória Maria? Glória Maria, 66, is one of the most well-known broadcast journalists in Brazil. She was the first black broadcast journalist to work on Globo’s Fastástico, Brazil’s 60 minutes. Heck, she might have been THE first black journalist on Globo television. These days she hosts the travel show Global Reporter, kind of a semi-retirement. She’s also raising two young Afro-Brazilian girls that she adopted.

Glória Maria’s relationship with proud Afro-Brazilians is complicated, to say the least. Whenever I say her name around them, most tell me that she doesn’t like to be with black people. My reply to them is always the same, “How can she not like black people if her daughters are black?” If you look at her Instagram feed, the only black people are her daughters and her mother. But what is to be expected of a woman who reached the pinnacle of her career in a country that limits the advances of black people? Her world is white because she is the only black person at her professional level.

Someone on an Afro-Brazilian facebook group found a short interview with Glória Maria in which she answered several questions about racism in Brazil. The interview appears to be from 2014. Since it was pretty short, I went ahead and translated it.

It reveals that Glória Maria knows exactly what is going on with racism in Brazil.

How has racism changed in Brazil since the 1970s?

Nothing about racism has changed since the 70s, 80 and 90s. Nothing. The sentiment is the same. What has changed is the manner in which racism is expressed—the people are more discrete, more politically correct. It is more subtle. Nothing will change as long as there are people in the world with this sentiment. As long as people are not wise and educated, discrimination will exist. This is the visible side of human ignorance. We live with a world with a need to classify some people by the color of their skin. There will always be things that happen that aren’t clear, but a black person will always know when racism happens. There is also day-to-day racism. Recently I was in Switzerland. There are many more black people on TV than Brazil. Here television looks more like Switzerland TV, there is not a mixture.

Why have you never had a black boyfriend?

I have had black boyfriends, but they were not famous people. The famous black men are married to white women. This is subtle, hypocritical and lousy.

Are you teaching your daughters about racism?

I teach my daughters that there are people of every color and that the whole world is equal. I try to prepare them for life, which was different for me. I wasn’t taught about racism. Where they go there are only white people, so they are like strangers in the nest. But for them to be 4 and 5 years old, they don’t perceive that. These days, when we went to the birthday of Roque (child of Regina Casé), which had half black and whites, Laura said: “Here there are a ton of people equal to one another, yes mother?” The black dolls of them are french, American, Swiss because black Brazilian dolls simply do not exist.


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