8 Beautiful photos that show young black boys enjoying Brazil’s beaches

After a full week of news media images that portrayed young black boys in Rio de Janeiro as criminals, I thought it would be nice to feature some beautiful photos of young black men enjoying the beach. I found these photos on the R.U.A. Foto Coletivo Facebook page and thankfully, they have allowed me to share them here.

The R.U.A. Foto Coletiva is a collective of Brazilian photographers who take photos that attempt to change the narrative that is distributed by the majority media. Like most communication collectives in Brazil, it launched at the same time as the 2013 protests against the World Cup in Brazil. It’s members are Rodrigo Zaim, Jardiel Carvalho, Tércio Teixeira, Isabella Lanave and Felipe Paiva.

Thank you R.U.A. Foto coletivo for helping to change the narrative.

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